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Do Your Product Photos Convert Shoppers Into Customers?

Photos are a reflection of your product and high quality photos reflect high quality products. Selling through multiple channels require high-resolution product photos in multiple formats for internet and print advertising. I can deliver these image formats specific to your needs whether it be for eCommerce, print advertising, high-resolution multimedia, advertising flyers or direct mail.

Today’s online shopper has many choices and you have few opportunities to build their trust. It starts with their first impression of your company and products. Studies show online shoppers prefer clear photos more than any other factor when making a choice of vendors and products. Do shoppers ask questions that could easily be answered with a good descriptive photo? Convert shoppers and maximize your ROI, Contact Now!

Product Photography with a White or Transparent Background for Online Stores and eCommerce

I’ll deliver the photos with a white or transparent background which is the standard for eCommerce and stock product photos for marketing and editorial use. These photos meet Amazon & Google Shopping requirements for size and quality.

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Provide a Refined and Consistent Shopping Experience Across All Platforms

You can improve your conversion rate by presenting a consistent display of products to shoppers on any device. Sharp photos with consistent colors from multiple uniform angles add a level of refinement to any shopping experience.

Want to Improve Your Conversion Ratio?

Quality Product Photography is a force multiplier to an eCommerce investment conveying quality, trust and confidence in the product. Poor quality photos with inconstant background colors, poor lighting and colors that differ from photo to photo detract from your message.

Are Your Product Photos Driving Traffic?

The right product photos will not only display your merchandise, they’ll drive traffic to your store. Consumers search online product images and find them in various locations, however business shoppers may find and respond to products photos differently than consumers. Being aware of those differences and how your shoppers will view them is critical to your products online success.

Want to know how high-quality product photos can drive traffic and increase sales?

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Do You Need A Hero Shot?

A Hero Shot in product photography is a high-resolution photo with a transparent background and is used on landing and product pages, launching your product into the spotlight.

A Hero Shot allows you to change the background for the effect you want. You or a graphic artist can also edit the product by changing lighting and color or adding elements like wear, weather, time and environmental effects. The high-resolution photo is typically supplied at 3000 X 3000 in TIFF format, other formats and sizes are available including RAW.

In most cases the Hero Shot format will also work for print promotions like brochures, print ads, catalogs and product reviews.

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About Kirby Collins

I’m Kirby Collins, as a professional product photographer I specialize in industrial and consumer products for eCommerce. I’ve been working as a professional photographer, online content producer and creative director for over twenty years.

My background includes work at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station where I was employed as a web developer in the early days of the internet. My duties included maintaining shopping cart software for logistics as well as supervising and training personnel for product photography and content generation.

Along the way I’ve owned and operated a Florida Travel Website called where photographed and wrote about my favorite places.

Over the past few years I’ve focused primarily on eCommerce websites where I have performed multiple duties including web development, theme creation, graphic design, content writing and online advertising campaign management.

That’s how I grew to love product photography, I was able to combine my skills, knowledge and passion into a profession where I transform terrific products into an art form that benefits great companies and entrepreneurs.

Now I’m an experienced product photographer, I like to be in a studio with lights and cameras delivering superior quality images to my clients.

My personal photography projects include wildlife, travel, wedding photography and landscape photography.