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About Kirby Collins - Biography

Kirby Collins - Editor & Publisher I've built and been a part of successful websites since I began my career as a web designer/developer and internet consultant. I'm currently the Editor and Publisher at PlacesAroundFlorida.com.

I've been working as an internet professional since 1995 in various design and programming positions with major commercial and government organizations.

I've worked in every phase of internet publishing and website development. From database programming to writing and photography, there are few individuals with the vast knowledge of the Internet and what works and what doesn't.

Check out my travel websites, you'll see successful websites that receive thousands of daily visitors and are focused on delivering valuable content.

I've received awards from the Newspaper Association of America, the US Air Force and various media groups.

View my services to see what I can do for you, whether your website is in the planning stage or an ongoing effort, I can help your website meet your goals.

My Goal is Your Success

I pride myself on customer service, being available when you need me and giving your staff the customer support they need.


Online Publishing - Editor & Publisher at PlacesAroundFlorida.com

In 2007 I began PlacesAroundFlorida.com, a successful Florida visitor's guide that receives over a million visitors a year. The website covers every major vacation destination in the state. This successful website utilizes many of the standards and criteria I use to evaluate websites.

US Air Force - Space Program

In 2001 I was the senior web developer in the Space Program for the US Air Force at Cape Canaveral where I designed, managed and maintained a large intranet portal with the responsibility for over 250,000 pages and 50 site administrators. I've also designed portals used by NASA and other government agencies.

While working nine years with contractors for the US Air Force, I supported launches for the Atlas, Delta and Titan programs. My mission also included occasionally supporting the Space Shuttle and NASA during my days at the Cape. I was employed by SAIC, Jacobs-Sverdrup and ExecuSys.

Working at the Cape was a terrific experience. To be able to watch a rocket or shuttle leave the ground in an awesome display of fire and smoke, so close the sound would move through you as the ground shook, it's one of man's greatest accomplishments and something I'm lucky to have been a small part of.

Online Newspaper / Magazine Publishing

As early as 1997, I put my talents to serious use as an Internet professional with EW Scripps, a print and broadcast media company that subsequently received the Newspaper Association of America's Digital Edge Award for Best Online Newspaper. Subsequently, I became a Webmaster for Primedia, a magazine publishing company, and Website Consultant for a successful dot-com start-up.

Early Internet Career

In 1995 when the Internet still young, I was using the Internet to help friends sell real estate and hotel rooms through a website I created named the Sebastian InfoGuide. I subsequently sold the visitors guide and it's still online today.

Photography Projects

My passion is traveling and photography. Most of my photos are of places in Florida, I have an appreciation of Florida's unique culture, diversity and environment. Projects include; Florida PhotoBlog, SpaceCoastBlogger.com, SouthFloridaPhotos.com, CentralFloridaPics.com and my photos at PlacesAroundFlorida.com.
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