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Website Consulting & Evaluation

Find Your Way Is your website achieving the maximum ROI? Are your goals being met? A website is a growing and evolving endeavor and can be improved on a continual basis. Let me help you meet your goals.

As a consultant I'll suggest improvements and corrective actions. These suggestions can then be addressed and implemented by your web team or vendor.

GUI Design and Page Structure

Evaluate the overall look and feel of the site as well as how page elements display products, services and information.

User Experience

Review user experience for three types of website visitor; the new user, the casual user and the regular user.

Landing Page Assessments

Home page and other landing page reviews. Advice on how to reduce bounce rate.

User Response and Contact Methods

Review form functionality and usability, suggest improvements.

Website Visibility and SEO Optimization

Review onsite elements such as page titles, linking, URLs and off site elements like inbound links, page rank, social media and public relations. Review SEO practices for obsolete and blacklisted methods which violate search engine guidelines.

Site Continuity & Errors

Dead inbound links, broken links, 301 redirects, form testing and other errors that are costing you traffic.

Site Architecture Audit

Build a sitemap; evaluate architecture and hierarchy of vertical information.

Mobile & Browser Compatibility

Analyze content for mobile usability. Mobile is about 20% of traffic to most websites, how well does your site work across multiple devices? Should you build a mobile site or adapt your desktop site? How does your website work with your visitors choice of a desktop & mobile web browser?


Testing and suggesting navigational elements to funnel visitors to take a desired action.

Website Analytics

Analyze website logs and review for trends, successes and disappointments.

Advanced Evaluations

Content Management Systems

Methodology and software evaluations for web publishing and content creation.

Web Application Testing

Functionality testing with error reports. Test applications for usability, failures and error handling.

Site Hosting and Load Testing

Evaluate hosting environments, backup frequency procedures, restoration, best security practices.

Code & Database Reviews

Review code methodology and database structure to ensure they're efficient and meets industry standards.

Basic Website Security

Review basic security procedures to ensure the best practices are being used.

Intranets, Customer, Vendor and Employee Portals

Intranets and other portals are evaluated for productivity as well as the criteria whether using a COTS product like MS SharePoint, open source or a proprietary product.

Comparison to Competitors and Industry Leaders

Compare competitor websites and access their strengths and weaknesses.
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