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New Website Planning

Project Management Most ad agencies and PR firms know how to communicate your brand and have excellent creative abilities, I have the technical strength and experience to make your website a success.

Many of the choices you make when beginning a new website will impact the long term performance and investment in your Internet venture. A bad site structure may be corrected, but the correction will need to be documented and propagated the entire life of your website otherwise you'll lose your initial investment.

Planning a new website can be a nerve racking experience but it doesn't need to be. I can help you gather the information your vendor will need. I will work with your web designers and developers to make your new website a success.

Project Management for Websites

On large website projects, having an Internet professional who knows the industry can be a valuable asset. I'll work with your web designers and developers to ensure they perform to your expectations.

Project Management Services

  • Meetings with stakeholders and vendors
  • Content gathering and production
  • Vendor mediation
  • Task assignment

    With my help, you'll lower the total cost and get a better website that meets your needs.

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