eCommerce Product Photography Services on White Background

Online Store Product Photos

Online Store Photos will be shot with your choice of angles and will have a solid white or transparent background with a clipping path and all shadows removed.

You’ll Receive Website Ready Photos

Your product photos will be ready to upload to your specifications saving time, money and effort your web team will appreciate. Additionally, the photos may be named by SKU, part number, SEO friendly or any other sequenced naming convention. I offer totally customized services with file sizes, image dimensions and any other file processing you need.

Typical Online Store Photo Services

  • Web Ready JPG 1500 x 1500 (72 DPI) and Solid White Background #fff (255,255,255)
  • PNG with Transparent Background 1500 x 1500 (72 DPI)
  • Multiple or Grouped Products
  • Photo Editing to Remove Minor Blemishes
  • Drop Shadows, Reflections and Watermarks may be added

Product Photos for Amazon, Google, Shopify and other Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces such as Amazon and Google know that consistent looking products are the key to building trust with online shoppers. Their firm and stringent requirements are only the beginning of the what will determine your conversions and ultimate success of a product placement. Not only will you receive great looking product photos, I guarantee those images will meet the requirements for specific marketplaces like Amazon and others.

Typical Marketplace Product Photo Services

  • Main Photo Meeting All Requirements
  • Multiple or Grouped Products
  • Photo Editing to Remove Minor Blemishes
  • Variants of the Main Image in Alternate Colors
  • Dimensions and other Text Descriptors
  • Relevant Backgrounds per Requirements

Hero Shots for Landing & Product Pages

A Hero Shot is a high-resolution photo with a transparent background and is used on landing and product pages where the product is featured.

With a Hero Shot you can change the background any way you like, change the color, add a background image or use it in a slider. A professional graphic artist can also edit the image by changing lighting and color or adding elements like wear, weather, time and environmental effects. The high-resolution photo is typically supplied at 3000 X 3000 in TIFF format, other formats and sizes are available including RAW.

Product Photos for Print Advertising Promotions

In many cases the Hero Shot format will work for print promotions like catalogs, brochures, print ads and product reviews. Check with your vendors, most likely 3000 X 3000 TIFF images at 300 DPI are more than adequate, however larger format requests can be fulfilled.

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